Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

October 14, 2009

one-hundred forty fifth, one-hundred forty sixth

7 in 50:30
10 in 1:16:45

Ya. The 10 miles may have been a bit much, but I have been taking it easy on the other days (meaning, no running) I may go for a few miles tomorrow. The race is coming up fast. Ready to go.

I keep thinking through every aspect of my training and trying to figure out exactly how to run the race. Looking for clues in every workout to determine my precise level of fitness, so I can run even splits, down to the 1/4 mile. I'm not finding the answer. Not yet anyway.

Here is my latest plan: (again, when you share goals on blogs, it is without restraint)

Maybe the first half, shooting for 1:30:00. Then trying to run the next 9 miles in an hour. And then, assuming I make it through those first two steps, holding on for the last 4.1 is as fast as possible, which may mean a slow, slow last 4.1.
I don't know. I ran a 9 mile race a year ago, and I couldn't even run that in an hour. I ran a half marathon a couple years ago, and I was nowhere near an hour and a half.

But I like moving the numbers/paces around to try and see what adds up to both a seemingly possible speed and an acceptable finish time. This plan doesn't come as close as I would like to the "seemingly possible speed" cause I don't think I can actually run that pace, but oh well. My plan will change tomorrow, I'm sure.

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