Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

October 10, 2009

one-hundred fortieth through one-hundred forty-fifth

Recap. (* indicates run with some M pace running)

6 in 49:45 (after that fitness test, I was ready to take it slow)
*6 in 43:50
10 in 1:13:44 (This was the "Yasso 800's" I averaged about 2:51 for the 10 800's. Ya. It was a tough workout, and a nice idea, but I don't think it is a realistic predictor of marathon fitness. I think it indicates that I can run 10 800's in about 2:50ish a piece if I run/jog for 2-3min between them. That's all.)A warm up mile and cooldown 1.5 miles (with a slow 1/4mile between the 800's) made the workout about 10 miles.

*5 in 35:40
*6.1 in 42:45 (had to make my 2009 training log have an even number of miles. Don't know how I let myself accumulate a .9)
7 in 54:40

These last weeks have been the toughest so far. It is just not easy, with work and weather and so much to do. Can't get in nearly as much running as I wanted too. Not that I knew how much to do during the taper, but somehow I don't think it is anyone's plan to just cut your mileage in half, or less.

7 days. 1 week left til race day. Weather predictions: breezy, high of 65. 60% chance of precipitation.

Just waiting. I just want to get it over with. Not looking forward to miles 5-18. During those, it will feel like I have done a lot of running, but I'll still have a lot left. I think mile 18 has to be the worst. At the exact moment I hit the 18 mile mark, I'll be thinking, wow, over 8 miles left.

At least we have the Chicago marathon to watch tomorrow. Well, watch and/or look at the results afterwards. Sammy Wanjiru is running. I am older than he is. He has run 4 marathons, and his slowest was his debut marathon: 2:06:39...


  1. Dooood stop running so much. Seriously. That is the fun of the taper. Take it easy, and go crazy wanting to run. You're missing out on the whole experience if you don't do go through it!

    Where do you want me to set up cameras during your run? (You know, assuming I had any that worked.)

  2. Ya. I guess my version of the taper madness is just plain getting nervous that I am getting out of shape from all the resting. Well, by resting, I mean having a lot of days off between these runs.

    As long as I know where the cameras are, so I can pick up the pace and look fast for those segments. My main concern is how to get the live feed from the bike-mounted camera that should be riding in front of me.