Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

June 25, 2009

seventy fourth (USA Track Championships)

4 miles. 32:00

It seems like everyday recently, I have to cram in a run before the thunderstorms come in. I have been making it, only getting rained on once. Sometimes it's best to run all hunched over really low, so the lightning doesn't strike you.

USA track and field championships start today. For those distance runners that like track as well as the road racing/cross country running.
These championships are qualifiers for the World Championships in Berlin.
One of the strange rules are that if you were the world champion in 2007, then you just have to run any race at all at the US meet in order to race at worlds. So, for Bernard Lagat (2007 world champion in the 1500 and 5000), he will most likely run just one round of the 800m, and call it good, and then race in Berlin at 1500 and 5000.
Jeremy Wariner (400m world champ) will run the 200. The 400 hurdles 2007 champion (too lazy to look up his name, and really, 400 hurdles might be distance running for someone out there, but that would be quite the stretch. Not that I am limited to talking about just distance running here...I like track more than cross country, etc, cause well, I ran track, and I never ran cross country...anyways...) will run the open 400m.

Anyways. The point is that that seems like a strange rule for qualifying for the world championships. The only thing that isn't strange, is that it means that 3 other people from the US will get to run at Worlds, for a total of 4, for those specific events.

And, to make this post longer, let's talk about the cool people we have to watch this weekend.

Alan Webb. He didn't do well at the 08 Olympic trials, so that will be fun to see what happens. I think German Fernandez (Oklahoma St. freshman NCAA 1500m champion) will be running, too.

Jenny Barringer (did I mention at least 100 times that she goes to CU?) will run the 3000m steeplechase. Lots of folks think she should have run the 1500, seeing as how she ran 3:59.9 at the pre-classic (faster than the 08 olympic champion ran in Beijing).
I guess she likes the Steeple better, even though her American record is 24 seconds slower than the world record set in Beijing.

All the Oregon athletes.
Honestly, I'm tired of Oregon. Everyone is flocking there to train. By everyone, I mean, the Gouchers, Flanagan, Tegenkamp, Solinsky, Rupp, Ritzenhein, Hasay, plenty of others that I am leaving out.

Pretty much all of it is fun. I'll watch it all after the fact, online somewhere. Flotrack. if they have it. Wherever it is.

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