Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

May 17, 2009


Too much running rest!
 only 3 days total last week. If someone took that one week out of context, I would look like someone who doesn't know how to train. Or at least if I was that person, looking at me, I would think that. And now I am just confusing myself.

Point being. I didn't get a chance to run on friday or saturday, so I finished the week with 20miles total (supposed to be 30) and no running for 2 days in a row. Work, life, everything...gets in the way of running sometimes. That's ok, as long as I don't make it a pattern and then still expect to run a certain speed.

I got in 6 miles today in 48 min. Another week. Another chance. We'll see. This week will be a full one and then next week I'll back it off again and prepare for official training. I'm looking forward to it. 
I plan on ramping up the blog action once training begins. Not that that means anything will be more interesting to read, but hopefully I can have some video, some audio, deeper insight into where, when, why etc about each run. Who knows?!

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