Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

March 22, 2009


18:30 for 2.5miles.
I got a little impatient. I should have just ran earlier in the day, but I put it of til the evening.

21.5 for the week. More than I planned for, but not irresponsibly more, so that is good.

This next week is going to be more of a "rest week." I want to be diligent, making sure to keep these weeks as part of my training even from the start.

When I sit down and make a detailed training plan, I might try and keep the math interesting by incorporating shorter, slightly more frequent "rest periods," perhaps 2 and 1/2 weeks of training, with a couple longer runs in there, and then 4days of active rest mileage. Just an example. I'm not sure.

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