Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

October 31, 2009

Snow, NYC, Daylight Savings Time, and a little running

3.5 in 27:00
2 in Did Not Time

Well, we got some snow this past week.

I don't know when this picture was taken, but things looked about like this. It's melting now, but that's Colorado for ya.

CHSAA postponed the state Xcountry meet, cause the course had over 18 inches of snow on it.
I'm sure more than one sporting event was moved around because of the weather. Like my running.
I definitely set my own record low (Sorry) when it comes to weekly mileage. Oh well. "Still recovering" from the marathon, so a 5.5 mile week will have to be ok.

New York City...tomorrow! Not that I'm running it, but I enjoy watching running and reading running news about as much as I like running itself, so it should be an exciting time. All the big names. Hall, Keflezighi, Sell, Torres, Abdi, Gilmore etc. etc.

And of course, 4x Boston winner Robert Cheruiyot.

Oh, and then also there will be the 10th and 3rd fastest marathoners ever. Jaouad Gharib, and James Kwambai (2:04:27)

And the 2 time NYC winner, Marilson Gomes dos Santos.

Should be fun.

Does anyone else get a bit frustrated at every article that keeps getting written saying "Hall could win this one..."
I am a huge Ryan Hall fan, I'm just saying, until the US starts running some 2:04 marathons, we shouldn't be getting our hopes up everytime these marathons come up...
(By writing this, I hope to jinx Hall, so that now he has a breakout race and wins)

We should all be running in New York tomorrow, because with daylight savings time setting the clocks back, we'd get that extra hour of sleep. Oh well. Next time.


  1. Yes, let's just try for next year! Yes on the Ryan Hall thing too...I've touched his hand twice, yes twice, and he's just a regular guy who wouldn't let me take his picture. By writing that, I hope he wins and let's me take his picture next time.
    Can't wait to watch the race tomorrow!

  2. That is some serious snow - good for you getting out in it. If we got that much here in VA, the roads wouldn't be open for a week.