Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

August 27, 2009

one-hundred fifteenth, one-hundred sixteenth, one-hundred seventeenth

4 miles in 29:20
8.7 miles in 1:04:30
8.5 miles in 1:05:15

I thought I knew the distance that I was running during the past couple runs, but I did not.
Rolling hills, just an out and back, but I hadn't measured it properly on
so I ended up with these weird distances.

Alright. I am making my way through this week, getting in the mileage. We'll see how the next couple days go and if I get in another 20 miler tomorrow. That's the plan. I will aim to run it at 8 min/mile pace, since I have been running every other run this week significantly faster.

Lately I have been thinking through my plans for the pre-race taper. Not sure exactly how to go about it, but I think I am going with a 2 weeks taper. During the 3rd week before the race, I'll run my last long run (hopefully right in the middle of that 3rd week, so it is more like a 2.5 week taper). I am still not sure how much running to do/how much mileage and intensity I should cut out in those weeks before the race. I need to continue to figure that out. Definitely some racepace running on that second to last week. 6-10 mile runs at goal marathon pace. And of course a good amount of easy running. 
When I look in different training books, like Daniel's Running Formula, he recommends easy running and some a tempo run during the last week, but like, 90 min, 60 min, 60 min, tempo, 30min, rest, 20-30 min. Which when I do the math, would definitely NOT be a reduction of mileage for me. At least not significantly. 

And I have decided on the "fitness test" run that I will do during the 4th or 3rd week out (it might count as my last ong run). I will use it to make a final decision on the per/mile pace to stick with during the race. A run of 2 miles easy, 15 miles at goal marathon pace, and then 2 miles easy. Unless this workout just completely beats me up, I'll start the marathon at the pace I held for those 15 miles and hopefully that is pretty close to right on. I wish I had stayed active on this blog thing and hundreds of other people would comment and say "this is the method I used for determining an appropriate race pace." 
I'll just have to scour some of the blogs/site and find more suggestions.

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  1. I just got talking to hundreds of other people and they all said, "Listen to Ace." What does Ace say? Ace says rest. Then rest some more. Especially for the last two weeks. Otherwise you won't experience the joys of taper madness. You know where your body is just begging to go run a quick 12 miler? Those are some good times. Don't rob yourself of that sweet experience.