Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

June 14, 2009


3 miles in 24min on Friday.

27 for the week. I bought new shoes hoping that the foot arch pain was because my current pair was getting old (500+ miles over the past 12 months).

The 3 miles went well with the new Mizunos. When trying them on, they were the most comfortable pair of running shoes I've ever had. Fortunately the guy at Runner's Roost honored my RMRR membership and gave me the 15% off, even though the membership is 2 weeks expired.
Regardless, I took the last couple days off and will start this week tomorrow and see how it goes.

This is the first minor setback. I don't plan on it creating too much trouble for the rest of the summer and I'll hope to get in the 35 miles this week. Probably on softer surfaces (I ran a good amount of last week's miles on concrete). Who knows.

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  1. I suggest running with bags of marshmallows duct-taped to the new Mizuno's. Make sure to color coordinate!