Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

May 30, 2009

fifty-four and fifty-five (End of the "base building")

4 miles in 31:45
3 in 23:40

That makes 21.5 for this rest week. This marks 20 weeks til the marathon and my upcomming official training deserves a summery of these past months of mileage build up:

13 weeks of consistent running.
292 miles.
3 weeks of 20(+) miles each.
3 weeks of 25 miles
3 weeks of 30 miles

A 10 mile run in 1:13:00
A 5 mile race in 31:00

I wish I had been running since January, cause 13 weeks just flies by. I'm sure the next 20 will as well, so I will keep focused on the 2 factors that should make this first marathon a success:

1. Staying consistent. I can't imagine getting in the miles I need to without running 6 days a week. I've only let my running frequency slip a couple times over the past weeks, which is a huge success for me so far.
2. Running on purpose. These last weeks have been put together on the fly, running the workouts that I could fit in and the ones that felt reasonable on that day. I just had a weekly mileage in mind and tried to hit it by the end of the week, with some variety mixed in (Longer runs, tempo, etc)
From here on out I want to hit the target workouts on each day, or at least commit to the long run day a week in advance (this would be easier if I had a more consistent work schedule). I want to get the rest I need before important days, get the hill sprints in, etc.

All this talk...It used to get me excited to run, but now it just looks daunting. Oh well. Here it goes.

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