Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

June 01, 2009

fifty-sixth and fifty-seventh

4 miles in 30:20
3 miles in 23:15

Not good to run in the rain/lightning. I got out for 3 miles today, and though the  storm wasn't that close, I know how easily lightning can strike and ruin your marathon training plans, so I avoided that.

Since I get a different work schedule each week, I have to plan my running each week. I think I will get my long run in on Friday and my tempo run tomorrow (and hopefully a 1 mile time trial, even though I haven't done a lot of speed work yet). And speaking of plans, I need to figure out some good ab workouts for runners...I always check just cause it's the main running site I know, but I'll see what I can find.

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  1. I recommend video editing for the abs. The rapid mouse movements do I hear...