Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

June 06, 2010

A real week of running...and a brand new US 5k record to start the summer

Well, it's not summer yet, but when it's 90+ degrees I call it summer. That's what we call "hot" here in Colorado. Maybe in other places, 90 is a reprieve from the 100's and 110's and 120% humidity, but oh well. It's that time of year where it's best to put a towel by the front door before I head out on any run, so I can dry off when I get back.

Point being, I ran 22 miles last week, and that is definitely a 2010 Week of the Year so far. After the BolderBoulder, I ran a couple of 3 milers, one with a few 1/4mile repeats at around 1:20 each, and the other I called a tempo run, in about 22 min.
I finished the week with a 9 mile run that had quite a few hills in it, and that took around 1:16:00. When you go for too long without consistent running, you have to re-set your "E" pace. It's a sad thing.

As a side note, Bernard Lagat broke 12:55 in the 5k in Oslo to set a new US outdoor 5k record, which broke the 9ish month old record by Dathan Ritzenhein by about 1.5 seconds. Chris Solinsky was close behind with a 12:56 high PR, so that is 4 Americans under 13 min in the last year.
I just summed up every article written about it, so there's no need for a link. If you would like a link, here's one to Universal Sports highlights of the race. And feel free to check out the obnoxious comments on a video at Flotrack, where people will yammer on about Lagat "not being an American cause he ran for Kenya in the 2000 Olympics." Genius.

That being said, It's time to write out some training plans that I have little intention of following. I'm a pretty big fan of track and field, but I'm an even bigger fan of making training plans.

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  1. Your training plan = you + an enormous back pack + a solar panel + a mid-sized cooler filled with beverages for me + a few thousand feet of elevation gain. Good to go.