Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

November 07, 2009

First Real Run, Jogging Stroller

2 miles in ?
6.5 miles 47ish
3 miles in 25:30

I have nothing against 2 and 3 mile runs, but when you are in marathon shape, they just don't feel as grand.

I think it has been a good thing to take some time off and relax (or spend a lot of time at work). It's one of those things, where when it comes to running injuries, you have to celebrate your lack of injuries whenever possible. It's easy to forget about hurt knees/feet/back (I am confident that Ace will be back soon with something even more ridiculous than the streak he had been carrying on) etc. when you don't have them, and when you are feeling good.
It's just difficult to take notes and figure out what you are doing right and wrong. Is the post marathon rest helping me avoid injury? Maybe. It's hard to tell, but is isn't hurting me. Point being, I'll count the 2 week post-marathon rest as a positive part of training.

My most recent run was a 3 miler with my son in our jogging stroller. I'm sure he would tell you it was a bumpy ride, if he could talk and if he wasn't sleeping the entire time. The stroller worked alright, but it wasn't something I imagine using for anything longer than 6 or 7 miles. My wrists get tired trying to steer (ours has a fixed front wheel) and it's heavier than I thought it would be when running up any sort of incline.

Well, I'm not really preparing for that half marathon I mentioned. Only 4 weekish left, so we'll see. I still want to run it, but only if I have time to get some long runs in. Work is slow next week, so I'm thinking 35-40miles should be reasonable.

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