Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

June 19, 2009

sixty-ninth and seventieth (Long Run #2)

4 miles in 32:00

14 miles in 1:48:00

Same path for the long run, meaning packed dirt, flat. Out 5miles, back 5miles, then ate 1/4 of a PB and J sandwich and drank some water which my wife had waiting for me. Then out 2 miles and back 2 miles for the 14 total. Not bad at all. For some reason, on this path, even with the mile markers marking most of the way, the time goes by pretty quickly. Just cruising along and all of a sudden 10 miles go by. During the week, a 4 mile run just drags on, but I don't know. I always attribute it to the fact that when starting out a long run, I never even think of the finish, cause it's so far away, and that probably makes the time go by. Who knows.

The only hiccup was a group of 6 or so on horseback. Trying not to spook them, I slowed way down to pass, which took a while, considering they were 6, single file, and kinda spread out.
I did this at about the 7 miles total mark, and then on the way back out (About mile 11.5) they were in a group, blocking the whole path, so I jumped down a ways into the dry creek bed alongside the path, and then climbed back out.
Saw them again on the way back for the last time (Needless to say, they were moving really slow).

My family had horses growing up. I remember taking care of them, cleaning stalls, tossing hay over the fences to them, riding occasionally, breaking the 10inch thick ice in their water buckets in the winter...

Fine animals.
The only thing was that we lived out in more open space. 5 acres. That's the place for horses. Not on a path just outside of downtown Denver, getting in the way of my Friday morning long run.

I made it though. That's always positive.
4 miles tomorrow to make it 35 for the week.

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