Imperative sentence-

Imperative Sentence: A sentence that gives advice or instructions or that expresses a request. From the Latin, "command."

example: "Try running."

May 02, 2009

thirty second, thirty third, and thirty fourth (commitment to running)

Never enough time to post! I suppose that's a good thing if I am spending time getting the running in.
Fortunately I got the run info put into my training log on, so I can remember the workouts.

On thursday I ran 5 mile in 37:45. I felt a ton better that day, after a few days in a row of just being tired and groggy and not wanting to get outside and cram in the run before work or after work or etc.

The next day, in spite of being at work for 15 hours ( mostly thurs. but til 4:15am friday) I got in a cold 7.75miles in 64min. I ran with a friend. I was relieved to have a longer run in so that I could rest today. 11 hour of sleep made for more than enough energy to get in 2.25 to make the week's mileage an even 30miles.

I always wish I had been consistent between October and March this past year. It would be the longest period of consistent running for me and I would be glad to be further ahead in training and mileage. I guess we would all be further ahead in running training if we had started sooner, but I don't really know what it takes. It seems that something always slips in and derails the plan to run.
Some people thrive on some extreme goal to keep them on track. Some need a friend to be in it with them, where they encourage them and that helps them not miss too many days in a row.

On days when I don't get to post on this blog, I begin to (in a very small way, considering the conotation of the next word) panic. Like, missing a post is the first step. If I don't have time to post, then soon I will stop blogging about running all together. Then it is only a matter of time til I miss a couple days in a row. The a rest week that turns into oone or two days of running. Next thing I know...It's March 2010 and I'm out of shape and having not run a marathon or any race the past year.
A little dramatic. This isn't rocket science. I just have to keep running. I'll start with this "keeping running" tomorrow. 7 miles if all goes well. 5 of which being a race with the Rocky Mountain Road Runners. If don't sleep in.

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